RCA Board of Directors

The RCA Board of Directors is composed of the five members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors and one elected official from each incorporated city who is signatory to the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement.

Marion Ashley

County Supervisor, Dist. 5



Jonathan Ingram



Eugene Montanez

2016 RCA Chairperson

George Moyer

Brenda Knight

Jeffrey Hewitt

Vicki Warren

Clint Lorimore

Linda Krupa

Verne Lauritzen

Natasha Johnson

Matt Liesemeyer

D. LaDonna Jempson

Kevin Bash

David Starr Rabb

Andy Melendrez

Crystal Ruiz

Maryann Edwards

Ben Benoit

Kevin Jeffries

County Supervisor, Dist. 1

John Tavaglione

County Supervisor, Dist. 2

Chuck Washington

County Supervisor, Dist. 3

John Benoit

County Supervisor, Dist. 4

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